CoGrowLab participated in IASDR2015 Interplay in Brisbane, Australia through the presentation of two papers describing the design of our office in Long Beach.



IASDR, or The International Association of Societies of Design Research, is an organization supporting design in ‘all its many fields of collaboration’ (http://iasdr2015.com/). To this end, IASDR hosts biennial conferences, the latest of which was the IASDR2015 INTERPLAY conference in Brisbane, Australia, in November 2015. This conference focused on interdisciplinary uses of design research, exploring ‘the interaction of design research with science, technology and the arts’ – hence the title INTERPLAY.


Check out our papers at iasdr2015.com

CGL presented two papers pertaining to the design of our Long Beach office: (1) a long paper entitled “Low Fidelity Prototypes as Communication Tools for Interior Designs: A Co-design Case Study”, and (2) a short paper entitled “Evaluating Flow Experiences of Knowledge Workers: A Pre-Test, Intervention, Post-Test Case Study”. The first paper details our use of low-fi prototyping to design our current office space, while the second explores the process that we are using to evaluate the effectiveness of the office space design. Check out the IASDR2015 website for more information and to read our papers.

CGL's Long Paper