Meet the team

Nathan Brown

From a young age Nathan learned that it was almost always better to understand the question than it was to know all the answers. From this ‘question everything’ approach he found his way into the world of design, always seeking original ways to make new and exciting things come to life. Co-creation fuels his fire. Want to work together? Give him a call.

Lei Fang

Born and raised in China, having studied in Europe, and currently living in Denver, Colorado, Lei has always been greatly interested in exploring new opportunities and taking on new challenges. With ten years of experience studying users of automobiles, she is working to make a better connection between manufacturers and consumers through new product development. Her international perspective helps CoGrowLab to seek innovation opportunities at a global scale.

Mike Sailer

Growing up a few blocks from the epicenter of SoCal's cruising culture, Mike spent many adolescent nights trekking the Boulevard which triggered a lifelong fascination with mobility. A recovering perfectionist (a.k.a. engineer), Mike has realized diverse professional roles including engineer, researcher, program manager and intrapreneur. Among his greatest achievements are collaborations with like-minded partners.

Mariko Schimmel

Originally from Japan, Mariko has split her time between Tokyo and California, studying people through varied experiences in the fields of communication, research and fine arts. A mother of two young children, she strives to do her part in ensuring a bright future by turning mobility's endless possibilities into realities. Her curiosity toward people has also driven her to pursue public speaking, teaching, and performing in musical theatre for her personal enjoyment.

Katie Wallace

Katie has an MFA in Design Research and Development, years of experience practicing as an interior designer and a continuous passion for travel. She is always finding new ways to leverage her life experiences in her work at CoGrowLab. She thrives while working collaboratively and particularly enjoys projects that encourage the exploration of experience and values and the challenge of translating research insights into the design process.